ACT TWOSecrets of the Rainbow
So after leaving the presence of Nick, Bill goes to the "Rainbow" costume shop (actually on the same corner on which Bill met Domino), which I think isn't really that mysterious of a reference ("Want to go where the rainbow ends?" ring a bell? Yeah.) and rents out a costume, but not until after a really frigging bizarre scene involving a really cute chick (the shop owner's daughter) in her drawers giving the ol' "Who's yer Father" to two Japanese guys wearing nothing but speedos and wigs. It's actually pretty funny and rather reminiscent of Lolita, as the girl whispers in Bill's ear "You should get a coat lined with ermine." Weasel fur. The connotation seems to be that judges in the olden days (you know, back then) were associated with the fur because it lined the insides of their robes. Thus, I believe Schnitzler (it's directly from the book) wanted to stress the young vixen's ability to see that Bill (or Fridolin, depending) is torn between pious doctoral legality and sultry smutwading. Anyhow, the costume shop is blood red, and I don't need to say why. Another brick on Bill's cobblestone road to misery. Interestingly, when Bill asks for a "black tux, a black cloak, and a mask," Mr. Milich says "oh, wouldn't you rather be a clown, or a pirate, or an officer?" I guess explaining that would be a bit condescending, don't you think?

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